Don’t Speak to Strangers !

There is a smell under your nose, a taste under your tongue, and a place in your heart that needs your hands with kindness and respect. I know what you feel. I have been there and still going through these moments as soon as I want to start a new mission whether it is go to build some fuel efficient stoves, or shake a man’s hand and share some laughs, or help with building water wells to provide clean water to villagers, or smelling a hot coffee under a tree shade in the middle of nowhere.  We have One Job and that is to do the right thing no matter if we are a volunteer, a UN worker, a NGO worker or a diplomat representing our respective countries. I have started this site because over the years, so many people have come to me to get advice. So, here I am officially now. Lets GO.. Pack your backpack and I am coming with you and don’t forget that camera in your head.

What matters most is the experiences that I can share with you that will actually impact and add value to your experience. Life is all about learning and sharing those experiences with others.  This is how the world becomes a better place. In short, I have been in refugee and development industry for over 15 years, have traveled well over 50 countries and have lived and worked in all types of places, from Darfur to Afghanistan, Northern Uganda, Burundi, Congo, South Sudan, Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania and have gained a deep knowledge on various local cultures and the dos and the dont’s. My intention is to make your mission easier and where you can spend more time in contributing and learning than making mistakes which can cost your entire careers or your even your life.   No matter if you are a new rookie into the field of development, working for a donor agency, a UN staff or volunteer, a volunteer from your local church, or a doctor or embassy staff, you can use my site to gain more info for your next mission.

Mission Statement From Founder

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